Thursday, October 27, 2011

Learning How to Coupon

I'm pretty sure that almost everyone has seen or has at least heard of TLC's hit show Extreme Couponing where people are able to save like 90% off of their grocery bills. In some cases, the individuals walk away with free items or may even get money back if the coupon is valued at more than the item. Gasp!

Although these jaw dropping saving bonanza scenerios play out weekly on this show, I'm not sure if this type of insane savings is possible where I live. For one, I live in San Antonio, TX, which essentially has one major grocery store chain (HEB), Super Walmart, and Super Target. Neither of these stores double or triple coupons as they appear to do in the grocery stores that the extreme couponers are shopping in. In addition, our stores do not have loyalty cards (with the exception of CVS).

In my quest to attain super human savings I have started to read other couponers blogs in the hopes of learning the "tricks" of the trade. I plan on passing on what I learn here.

The first thing that I have done in starting couponing is to get my stash organized. I have learned from several different sources that one popular method is to get a notebook and to use basketball card organizing sheets. Obviously the notebook was easy to find. The basketball card sheets, not so much. What I ended up using were the sheet portectors for business cards.

                                                             My Coupon Notebook

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