Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Day Sales - The New Black Friday

It seems like Thanksgiving is now 100% lost to shopping as stores are now officially opening on this day. This past Thursday my husband braved the crowds at Walmart and Target yet came up empty handed. It wasn't because there weren't deals to be had, but rather that the lines to check out freaked him out. We went back to Target the next day and most of the stuff that we wanted was still there with no lines.

The biggest success we had was with online shopping. We were one of the lucky few who got the lightening deal on the XBOX 360! Yay us! And games and many other stuff. I think I spent more with the amazon lightening deals because it became a sick sort of game. Like I beat the masses and save a whopping $2 bucks on a game. Go Katy! Next year I will definitely try to show more restraint, but it is hard especially with free shipping and no taxes.

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